Bolt Tensioning System

The Tensor Bolt Tensioner System is a proven design that is less complex, lighter in weight, fast to operate, and easy to maintain. Tensor systems have been installed worldwide for over 40 years. Tensor AB provides outage support, spare parts, maintenance, technical sales support and service to the global nuclear market.

TENSOR have a complete range of bolt tensioners from M30 up to stud dimension of M180, (7” UNC), loads up to 12 MN or 1200 metric tonnes, ready for work in nuclear plants, chemistry, ironworks or anywhere else where you have a need for a stud tensioning system with high precision.

TENSOR can deliver a complete bolt tensioning system. Our pump units has an automatic control of the pressure. In the system for 3 to 8 tensioners we recommend the use of a quick relieve valve to minimize the cycle time. We can also supply you with tensioning and detensioning programs.

The bolt tensioner from M80 (3” UNC) and upwards can be assembled with counter balancing device to make it easier to turn the puller sleeve down, a quick hoist for lifting the bolt tensioner, indicator to prevent over-stroke and air-drive to move the puller sleeve up and down


  • Compact design reduces the tensioner weight
  • Promotes worker safety and easy handling method
  • Reduced equipment set-up/removal time
  • Less weight added onto the carousel and polar crane
  • Reliable, less-complex Swedish design
  • Minimal tooling maintenance requirements
  • Fail-safe design with built-in redundancies and different operation modes
  • Flexible pump and console positioning in low dose area
  • Counterbalance device boosts safe and quick positioning
  • Flexible single bolt tensioning system with 3 to 8 bolt tensioners
  • Multiple systems up to 24 bolt tensioners at the time
  • Less than 30 seconds pressurization time, adapted to customer requirements
  • Floating piston

Stud handling equipment

Lifting Beam

  • Designed to handle 8 studs
  • Balancing device for each stud to minimize handling damages

Stud Rack

  • Holds up t16 sets of studs and nuts
  • Designed to be handled with a forklift
  • Frame is made of stainless steel with plastic bolt holes for protection


  • The stud rack is placed on the refuel floor or in the cavity
  • The studs are lifted directly from the bolt cradle and placed in the stud rack
  • Each stud has a quick and easy connection/disconnection to the lifting beam