About us

It all started in Sweden 1978 with bright ideas from extraordinary engineering skills.

Today, many nuclear facilities throughout the world are using our proven bolt tensioners in their everyday work. We have references from the whole globe and most of them in Europe and USA

There are more than 100 plants that has installed our equipment over the last 40 years. The in-house experience is our strength and we always think of our customers satisfaction and safety first.

We have delivered our equipment to various markets such as nuclear facilities, Offshore Industry, Submarine, Petrochemical Industry etc. All where the demands are in the high end, and top-quality counts.

Our own products are mainly Bolt tensioners, Hydraulic cutters and Pump units. We do special projects based on customers requirements, we customize products to the customer demands. Nothing is impossible, it's just another problem to solve.

Bolt tensioners in sizes from M24 to M180. We deliver tensioning capacities up to 7200 tons. Tensor system is known to be the quickest way to fasten and remove the bolts for a nuclear reactor head in a safe way.

Hydraulic cutters in all sizes from small handheld units up to 0,8Mega Newton (MN) and cutters for special projects where we build on demand from our customers. Largest so far is 4,1MN.


Nova division, is our representative on the US market

Atommash is our representative in the Russian market